.​.​.​like the day after a heavy rain

by late ones

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recorded, mixed, and mastered by trip barriger and duncan cherry in the spring of 2012 at treehouse audio in louisville, kentucky.
released by little heart records on may 29th.
all art by bill ferenc (billferenc.com)
photos by bryan volz (typocracy.net)


released May 29, 2012

brendan johnson - guitar and voice
duncan cherry - bass and voice
jamie conkin - words and voice
joey hodson - drums and weezin' the juice
peter karrer - guitar and voice



all rights reserved


late ones Louisville, Kentucky

we're just five dudes who enjoy playing music together and having fun.


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Track Name: sunset from the south
you’re driving as fast as you can holding the steering wheel tightly. tonight i don’t know what i’m doing and it doesn’t matter - turn the volume up. we can’t hold back from singing a perfect harmony. every word you’re looking at me. i’m screaming from the inside, roll around with me (slam your foot on the pedal). we’re falling as fast as we can under the covers so swiftly. yeah, we both know what we’re doing, not how it happened - just turn the volume up. grip my sides like you mean it. this is obvious, can you feel it? grip my sides so i can feel it. we are obvious they can hear it. and as we’re driving i can’t help but realize the sun is coming up from behind us. you don’t worry, it doesn’t matter, turn the volume up and keep driving. you turn your head towards mine and you’re smiling. so slam your foot on the pedal, keep driving. and keep your eyes open, sing with me a perfect harmony, just you and me.
Track Name: holding on
you should’ve come over but you didn’t, and im sitting and wondering what happened between us. where do we go from here? because now, your spot is empty, i can’t take it. and i’m still holding on for something, you might have left for me to see. why did your fight to fly leave the most bitter taste on my tongue? and i can’t wash it off. i can’t do it, not for the life me. let’s get to this, i need to tell you something. you’ve got to let her go. and start coming over because you’re missing out , and you will regret it . all the memories you are leaving behind. i would bet you’re thinking about them right now.
Track Name: death of a soc
We’re going to start a riot tonight in order To show you we’re tired of everything. The lying, the deceit. The empty promises you’re laying at our feet. And we’re screaming, Whoa - Where is the freedom? You left us In the cold. We won’t forget it. You better keep on running And find the safest place you can. Our are eyes open (we are coming). Just so you know to be ready. We’re starting fires tonight, Burning the whole damn town down And dancing in the ashes. The lying, the deceit. the burning buildings will light your path away. We won’t, stop until the job’s done. We can’t, so rest assured. just so you know. We won’t, stop until the job’s done. We can’t, so rest assured. We don’t, care what you think about this song.
Track Name: through winter
This record is turned all the way up, I can hear the needle dragging. As I’m staring at the ceiling Finding effort to get out of my head, Or at least out of my bed. so I can flip the record over - Remember falling leaves And when those leaves were green. Escaping under our oak tree Was all that I needed. But the now the cold wind keeps blowing This hole right through my chest And the effort is never there. But I have to keep on trying, It’s these songs that are getting me through tonight. Because when I wake up in the morning , I know it’s going to be another bold attempt at fighting. And it just keeps dragging on. this door creaks open way too loudly, Watch me dragging slowly. And I have no feeling In my toes or fingers and It’s killing me softly. So I’m falling to my knees, Because inside my head it seems, That I’m not going to make it. but right now, I need to . Because the cold wind keeps blowing this hole right through my chest, The effort is never there. But I have to keep on trying.
Track Name: small town girls
Here is another chance to throw yourself around. But tell me why am I a victim This time? All I’m asking is for a little room to breathe, So tell me why am I a victim, Coal miner’s daughter. You can keep the bike, Forget my name. You can forget my number, Don’t call me. You can keep the bike, Don’t call me.
Track Name: paul newman and a ride home
The sun is going down, Night is taking over. I’m on my way to rest my bones. I’m alone, but when you approach me Somehow I already know what’s going to happen, So put your finger on the trigger. And the barrel is on the back of my neck So I stop breathing. And I hope that you know The dollar in my pocket Is everything I have, So take the barrel off my neck. I swear, I’ll let you have it. And as I run to the back yard, Put my shaking palm on my chest, Feel the rhythm of my heart. Because right now, I need something To make sure I’m still alive and squeeze it to feel okay. the warmth of my chest - Oh my god, I’m still alive. When it all comes down to it, What ya gonna do? When the world closes in on you, You’ll figure out It was just a buck or two.
Track Name: golden
As I step out into the autumn breeze, I put my feet down on the cold, wet concrete. take a smoke out and light it, Exhale out into a silhouette of you and I’m reminded That all we have Is one fleeting moment to the next one. So I’m holding on for something better Because all I really wanted Was a letter. And you can’t write it. To a three year old little boy That never knew his father, Or to a broken hearted man, That’s now a little stronger. It’s not that I am holding it against you, I guess, I just don’t understand How a man can be so selfish, I guess It does not even matter. It’s like the day after a heavy rain, With the sun shining brightly. The pavement will glisten in its rays
And you never had the chance to see it, But it is real. You can feel it, And I never had the chance to feel you. At least, I don’t remember But they told me something, and it’s like the day after a heavy rain. and I never knew the truth.
Track Name: hoping you know
Since there is no dial tone, I’ll write this down. Just so you know, hoping you know. There’s no good point to letting go. Home ain’t a home, without the love that makes Everything move slow. And when you start looking at the world Through glass bottles And empty cigarette packs, the view doesn’t keep the memories from coming back. Hey you! Where are you running off to? The place to find those things Is right behind you. Hey you! What’s there to do? Figure your way through the fog If you can see it. I’ll have the light on for you, Because home is where you belong. I’ll have the light on for you. There’s security, Home where you belong.
Track Name: novella
I don’t recall a thing from last night. but I could make it up With a story you might like to hear. The one I’m not ignoring. It’s got to have a happy ending, So as I’m running through my options. be sure you’re listening, for something I’m going for. it’s there but I can’t see it, So I am telling you - I’m my worst enemy And what is left to do? Except feel sorry for myself, I’m disappearing in the fog. I hope you see me walking off. Give me a break, No one’s paying attention. the world’s got the spins and hope has lost all direction. So when I hit the bottom, You’ll see I’m the only one that sank, But the boat’s still afloat. (so sail away). Breathing under water, But lung capacity it can’t last forever. So when I come to the surface A breath of fresh air, but still diving to the bottom, Because it’s familiar. Breathing under water, My ship is floating. Calling me to the surface, But I’m suffocating. Breathing under water, My lungs collapse.
Track Name: channel 5
Watched the news again today, It seems to be my only way of finding myself in this city. When it comes down to that, where am I? And where did I come from? Because I can’t see it. “There’s a wreck on the Kennedy today”,
I hear the newscasters saying. The same wreck in my mind every day. Take a walk down to the water, Whatever does it offer? The same dream I’m having. i’m on standing the bridge, You’ve got a match in your finger tips. Tell me to jump - I would, just for you. As my body hits the river, Can I swim? You’d beg to differ. I don’t think I’ll make it up this time. You can’t burn all your bridges behind you, I heard them say. Watched the news again today, It seems to be my only of finding myself in this city. And I’m finding strength To be a gem in river full of rocks, But that’s all I can see. And now, I’m swimming in the water, I’ve drank from my whole life. You’re looking down from the rail, You can’t believe your eyes. When I smile and think to myself, I have but one to live. When I look to the sun Through the water’s dark surface. I would gladly jump off that bridge again.
Track Name: coming home
It’s quite simple And it’s giving me chills. The feeling I keep getting On our backs, eyes toward the ceiling. And here it is, turn my head to the right As you turn yours to the left, And we both fall into a place that feels comfortable. Just like home when you’ve never had one. And yeah, it’s making me smile When I just can’t keep the frown from fading. On our backs, eyes toward the stars. This mystery keeps exceeding every expectation. You’re whispering in my ear, I’m singing the kindest words I could think of. You keep taking me back home, It got simple the moment we met. Something that I’d never understood. On our backs, eyes toward the ceiling, Escaping feelings and centering Our eyes on each other. Because it feels like that’s all that matters. And yeah, it’s making me believe, That there’s someone out there for me. She is laying on my right, she is real. I don’t have to be alone. She brings chills to my bones And it seems like nothing else matters. And oh my god, it feels like home, And I thought I would never have one.
Track Name: right and wrong
please open your eyes and tell me everything you’ve ever wanted to say to anyone. it can’t get this easy but we both know you can’t always feel this way. there’s no sense in losing touch of us. you’ll always be with me, even if i never see you again. hope you remember me, even if the light goes off. and i’ll always appreciate, the way you smile at me. when i seem to talk forever, why words go on and on and on. and that look on my face, can never be contained by a picture, a thousand words, or a simple melody. emotions come and go, from september back to mondays, so why do i feel this way? we can’t lose sight of what we’ll have. now you know, i don’t believe in heaven but if i’m wrong, i might see you there. if i’m right, then why am i up all night, in soaking sheets gasping for air? i know we all have strong memories and i’d like to think i’m well prepared. but if i’m wrong, then i hope this song, will explain to her why you’re not there. it’s an honor to know such beauty, such life and passion you shared. if it’s wrong, we’ll still be up until dawn. it’s the proof that you always cared. to you, this may seem so wrong, and your judgment may be unfair. we know we’re right, staying up all night, nothing else can quite compare.