by late ones

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(free) 03:50


Recorded Summer 2010 with Trip Barriger in Louisville KY at the Castle and various spots.

Joey Hodson played drums
Peter Karrer played guitar
Brendan Johnson played guitar too
Duncan Cherry played bass
Jamie Conkin sang and wrote all the words except for that part that Peter sings.


released September 25, 2010

Thanks to anyone who feels us and likes our band. For booking, what ups, or any other info contact us at: lateones@gmail.com - we'd love to hear from you.



all rights reserved


late ones Louisville, Kentucky

we're just five dudes who enjoy playing music together and having fun.


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Track Name: I'm Not Like You
i can tell im being watched for your approval and i dont like it. ive been expected of before and they were dissappointed. these judgmental vices, theyre fucking pointless. but keep on watching. i want you to learn that when you have expectations you end up burned out. look around the room because you dont know what weve been through. so why are we supposed to end up just like you. WHOA! its not worth it to be just like you. keep up with what you preach because these contradictions will only last for so long. thats why i get confused by all the labels involved with a label-less community. theres something wrong. i can see your eyes chasing me around the room. i can promise you your patience wont last too long. and i know these stupid games we play are trivial. heart is yours so take it all you have to do is ask.
Track Name: the One and Only
my last words, thank you and see you around. knowing that the latter would never come true. and now its a fresh beginning. something had been on my mind. now its time for you to hear my opinion. if this ever comes back up ill know exactly how to see them, the lies you feed to me. its like sugar in your coffee, there but you cant see it. you can only taste it and that taste will stay with me. its just not for me. this whole growing up thing that you feed to me quietly and so discreet. so take one good look around and tell me what do you see? all of you are so unhappy and i refuse to let that be me. so let go of my hand. im going to walk away. someone let you find your own way and now its time for me to do the same.
Track Name: You're Down
youre paranoid and feeling more burned out. and as time goes by your mind is filled with doubt because you never knew just how this would work. by now you know its hopeless. remember this feeling next time it comes up. use the only tool you have to cover up all of your pain; it is your crutch. the world is round for a reason, because what goes around comes around. look around and youll see that we are looking for something we might not find. its common when you think youre right but as it turns out you are not. just stuck in the middle trying hard not to focus on what surrounds you. you dont realize its too late. turn around because no ones watching.
Track Name: Vandalized
please tell me that your loneliness is miserable just like i felt. and if not then why do i feel so pathetic, because it never got through. moving out gives me this sinking feeling. im over-thinking to find the meaning of why this seems normal to you but i cant wrap my head around it. i thought i was different but then you explained to me that you saw it coming all along. wide eyes follow me around but no ones there. i constantly criticize myself, because i dont know how much weight to bare. ive been working hard for so long to the point that now im just too tired. when you let yourself love a wild thing you end up looking at the sky. you wont get the best of me. because im stuck now with a craving for selfishness. im never coming home. you can stay there all alone. send me some flowers, and sing to me slowly, im way past dead and used to feeling lonely.
Track Name: '85 Scirocco
the softest voice that i ever heard was the one that had the most to say. and i guess it's true what they tell you, don't read a book by the cover. you don't know one guy from another until you sit down and talk to each other. i won't ever you let you go because i've done that before. when we get old we will talk about when we used to talk about growing old together and never changing. and when we get there we'll turn around and wonder "what were we thinking?" 45 down the alley in your beat up volkswagen. i could've sworn you might just kill me and i closed my eyes and held on for dear life. then we safely pulled back in the driveway. you just smiled at me politely and i couldn't think of what to say. we won't be the ones who are stuck waiting around for something to change us into who we think we are. because you and i know there's no looking on the outside to fix what's on the inside.