by late ones

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released August 23, 2011

recorded, mixed, and mastered during early summer 2011 by trip barriger and duncan cherry at treehouse audio in louisville, ky.

jamie conkin - vocals
peter karrer - guitar
brendan johsnon - guitar / vocals
joey hodson - drums
duncan cherry - bass

thanks to all our dudes and ladies who back us.
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all rights reserved


late ones Louisville, Kentucky

we're just five dudes who enjoy playing music together and having fun.


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Track Name: i know what you did last summer
if i said what I was thinking, you would understand why i can't do this and why it sounds so goddamn awkward. because i am staring at a plethora of bad decisions read from the look you're giving me. so it is true that the truest feelings don't last forever and i realize that we only grew apart together. but right now that fucking feeling is staring at me from outside the door i choose not to feel it. and my voice is shaking, but i need to tell you. don't take this the wrong way but there is a part of me that hates you for what you do to me. and now i'll remember to keep an eye out for the heart breakers because they've got their eyes on me. and this is my bitter anthem the one with a voice that i don't have and i'm taking pen to paper to tell you what really happened you lied to yourself. (hope you dig yourself out of this, before you regret it, like i regret this. remember when you told me, it wasnt worth letting down the ones who love you, you lied to yourself.)
Track Name: hurry up and wait
wake up i need to tell you that we've been watching this sinking motion, it seems to be in full effect. and are these fronts, are they worth it? we're feeling cheated so why do you keep it? and i hope one day you realize that you can't come around and know the game that we've been playing. it's obvious you don't, the games you'll play are skipping through hoops we've all seen this before. everyone knows you're hiding and that you've been lying. it's all out there for all of us to see and this big decision is all on you so we're waiting to find out what you w ant to do. wake up you're falling faster than ever, and we're still standing by and we wonder why you didn't listen. because we could have been all that we should have been, but egos are taking over. and i hope by now you realize that there's no need to regret us, that was never what we had hoped for. we know there is a person inside that body who's screaming out to accept this. what do you want to do? because we are tired of seeing hard work go to ruin. and this decision it's still on you. all of our hard work is in ruin.
Track Name: abba zabba, you my only friend
it's the first blow that hits the hardest, puts its hands around your throat. it creeps down from far above and causes you to choke if you have never felt like this then here is the message. forward this to yourself and work on your acceptance. if i can't get it across i won't try to change your mind. but if you want to come around, i'll be waiting in some places where you are far too scared to meet me. where the first blow it hits the hardest
puts its hands around your throat.
Track Name: the feed
i don't know you anymore, it's not like we were ever best friends, because now you hate yourself and no one can figure it out. how you hide inside the sleep you miss out on can you face the sunlight, or is it going to blind you? and i still can't believe we watched and we didn't know (i'm coming up with answer it's just for you). believe me when i say it's not necessary, i'd never lie to you. and dear friends of mine what are we to do, inside our heads? let's not listen to what they say. it's never a realization, when you are in denial you'll never listen. i am stuck in this position of trying to decide what i should say, what should i do. it's funny how as a boy you're never paranoid and we grow up and have the obligation of impressing everyone. well hear this we're not inclined to persuasion. you can keep your mouth shut, we'll never listen.
Track Name: nailbiter
i'm walking down my street with lint filled pockets, it's another manic morning and i know that i'm losing, but even though i've lost it, i keep reminding myself that i'm losing nothing. because all we have is nothing and that's comforting. so i keep my head down to avoid the eye contact, because the secrets i hold are sure to show through my bloodshot eyes and it's too much for me to handle but not enough to break me down. and i can't understand why when i speak, the words don't make a sound because they never make a sound. my arms are slowly bending backwards, and all i want to do is throw them to the sky and as i wonder can i just ask myself why. because i know the answers are there inside my head, but sometimes it's just too hard to convince myself and everyone else that i'm not already dead. and my loose grip is
sinking this ship, far to the bottom where no one will find it. because no one should find it. i'm sinking it right to the bottom, and no one's going to find it. you'll never find it.